Past Team Members

Past Team members

Janan Viswanathan

Janan Viswanathan worked as the IT Manager at FECT has obtained his Information Technology B.Sc. degree from London Metropolitan University (UK) and Diploma in Web Engineering, Linux Administration. He is enrolled in the Computer Science program at PGIS and has work experience in Network Administration, IT management and also in IT lecturing at gateway graduate school and other places.

Ruchira Lokuhetti

Ruchira Lokuhetti joined FECT as an intern Junior Research Assistant after completing his B.Sc. (Applied Sciences) from University of Peradeniya with specialization in Mathematics and Physics. He is enrolled in the Industrial Mathematics program at PGIS.

Mahasen Randiwela

Mahasen Randiwela has obtained his bachelor’s degree in Geography and postgraduate Diploma in Geography from the University of Peradeniya. He is currently reading his Masters in Geography at the University of Peradeniya. Mahasen is interested in physical Geography and water quality. He specializes in mapping and geocoding.

Piushani Ellegala

Piushani has done her degree in Applied Sciences in 2017. Her interests are in Solid State Physics. She has done her internship last year at NBRO and prepared a report on Air Quality and Meteorology in Kandy which she presented at the Air Quality Conference organized by the Ministry of Environment. She also worked as an Administrative Coordinator for CAP Green Forest in Gampaha for five months before deciding to return to Science and Digana. She worked on Air Quality (data management, checking our instruments and their outputs, planning for extending the work) and helping with data extraction/ scraping and climate reporting.

Chayana Gunathilake

Chayana Gunathilaka graduated from Wayamba University 2018 in ICT, Statistics, and Industrial Mathematics. From before he went to university he has been interested in and has been undertaking multi- media work including video production.

Tharani Kailaivasan

Tharani Kailaivasan is an intern who has completed her Advanced Levels in the biological science stream.

Nushrath Rushda Salih

Rushda is a fresh graduated from Qatar University with a degree in Environmental Science after doing bioscience for her AL’s. Her undergraduate thesis was on removing boron traces from water using eggshells which she has published in an indexed journal – Journal of Molecular Liquids. She works on the Climate Impacts area and PEER dengue in SL proposal

Banuka Wijerathne

Banuka Wijeratne has done Statistics Special Program at UoP. He was contributing on looking at the relationship between temperature, rainfall and dengue incidence at the Kandy and Matale District and some of the MOH’s in.

Divaskar Shayendra

Divaskar has completed his Higher National Diploma in Computer Based Information System at National Institute of Business Management; He has also worked as an instructor.

Dinaskar Sathyendra

Dinaskar has completed his Higher National Diploma in Computer Based Information System at National Institute of Business Management; He has all so worked as an Instructor at National Institute of Business Management Kandy for 6 months. He has worked as a web developer.

Aqeel Ahamed

Aqeel Ahamed worked as an IT intern. He completed his Higher National Diploma in Computer Based Information System at NIBM.

Shalini Somasinghe

Shalini Somasinghe joined in April 2019 as an IT Intern. She has completed her Higher National Diploma in Software Engineering at NIBM.

Anuradha Athawuda

Anuradha, graduated in BSc Special Degree (Aquatic Resources Technology) from Uva Wellassa University in 2017. She has worked as Demonstrator attached to Department of Animal Science, Uva Wellassa University for 1 year. Also, she has contributed her service as a resource person in GIS short courses conducted by Post Graduate Institute of Science (PGIS). Further she is an open water diver (PADI) and has conducted research on Microplastics in the surface waters, West Coast with National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency (NARA). Anuradha contributed primarily to research proposal development with us

Chethana Chandrasiri

Chethana is a Statistics and Operation Research graduate in the Faculty of Science, University of Peradeniya. She has worked as an implant trainee at Emjay Penguin Pvt. (Ltd.), Palletalawinna. Chethana contributed to the statistical analysing role.