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The experience with COVID19 shows the essential role that health and disease plays in our lives. However, we are yet to take adequate advantage of ICT and advances in research and technology to aid improved understanding and response. Here, we have developed a web portal (disease.lk) to provide information on COVID19, Dengue.

Tuberculosis and Malaria and contextualize it in relation to other diseases, the role of human susceptibility, the role of environment and the response of the health and related authorities and community. The information provided is based on science-based peer-reviewed projects undertaken over the last two decades and with the support of expert


We provide:

  • An overview of diseases
  • In-depth information on Covid19, Dengue, Malaria, and Tuberculosis
  • Characterize and monitor susceptibility and exposure to diseases,
  • Impacts of Climate, Hydrology, and environment on
  • Health and disease management.

We demonstrate the use of multi-sectorial data, monitoring and prediction tools, database management, and analysis system to undertake risk assessment for diseases and ill health.


The information is targeted at a range of users from school students, vulnerable populations, undergraduates, Scientists, health sector personnel and community groups.

We seek to promote knowledge and awareness, support preparedness and risk management and to promote mitigation and adaptation including health-seeking behaviors.